Additional services

Now you have a new friend, who wants to help you get your destination by using his updated maps and software.
Full Insurance: 
The full insurance will help you to relax and enjoy your way without the finance routine.
Child Seat: 
If you have a kid, so the first is their safety! We can make their journey comfortable and safer with our Child Seats for Children from 2-6 years old and boosters for 6 to 14 years old kids.
Wi-Fi Portable Device:
If you want to be online, to be socialized and connected with your friends or share your travel photos and videos we can provide you a Wi-Fi Portable Device.
Chauffeur Service: 
You prefer to travel, but not to drive? We can provide you our Chauffeur Service. Our professional drivers, with fluent knowledge of 3 languages are ready to help you up on your request.
Additional Driver Service:
If you have a long distance trip and there must be someone to drive or one of your friends also want to drive the car we can offer you an additional driver service.

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